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Availble Sunday, October 25th at 11:00 am PST


Custom one of a kind Blythe doll has had the following work completed:


  • Custom lids in pastels and pencil
  • Four sets of hand painted eye chips.
  • Open mouth carving, with teeth.
  • Natural looking freckles and skin texture.
  • Full face-up in high quality pastesl. Sealed several times with MSC UV cut.
  • New Licca body, no tilt neck.
  • Hand made outfit which in.cludes the silk blouse, silk skirt, tulle petticoat and stripe tights 
  • Handmade silk tassle pulls
  • Original doll Neo Blythe Check it Out RBL +


FLAWS: her scalp is no longer factory sealed and has a small gap along hairline.


Amilt will travel securely and safely in one of my own custom boxes via Priority mail or UPS international.


I do my best to capture the coloring, but lighting and screens can subtly change the shades. 






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